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Building the Boat- Part 2

The Steel Hull is finished

We took a walk to the back of the steel shell looking at the lines, the shapes, the perfect welds down the full length. Steve Hudson joined me and pointed out the shape of the hull, he said it would swim through the water like a fish. And as I would eventually find out - he was right. I liked Steve, he had a firm handshake, he didn’t try and sell you anything, he didn't have to, his end results spoke for themselves.

When you see the beginning of a boat build, you have to see it at every stage if you can, literally from the ground up. Somehow, when you see it at this stage, it’s hard to imagine how it all comes together. For me though, I really could imagine the end result. I remember my early days at Rolls Royce, London. It was the Phantom 6 being built back then and that was also built from the bottom up, chassis laid on stands with the body put on top later.

4 weeks from the picture below, we would see the superstructure on our Beer Boat.

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