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Building the Boat- Part 4

Launching into water

October the 1st 2014 - The Beer Boat launches.

Steve Hudson organised some photos of the launch as we couldn’t be there on the day. We were disappointed not to see it ourselves. We had to make do with some photos although we’d hoped for a video, but without it the imagined excitement of the boat hitting the water - splashing like a giant ship was replaced by some quick pics taken at random.

Oddly, the next photo Steve sent of someone holding a rope, almost looks like the person is stopping the boat rolling into the basin - can’t believe he’s taking all that weight on his own!! ;)

After the launch, Steve phoned to say that the next stage would be to batten out with support timbers, then spray foam insulation, 1st fix wiring & plumbing - followed by lining out in oak tongue & groove boards to the upper cabin walls & ceiling. Then the hull would be lined in oak faced ply. The floor was to be lined with 25mm thick heavy-duty marine ply boards, not before the blue engineering bricks were laid on bitumen felt in the bilges at the base to act as ballast.

But, it would be another 2 weeks before we would see all this progress for ourselves.

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