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Cosgrove Canal Festival 2018

Buckingham Canal Society

Setting up the beer tent

Well, here we are again at Cosgrove for the Buckingham Canal Festival 2018, this year we were asked to help out with a bar as last year (2017), Frog Island Brewery had been booked but cancelled last minute!! I also believe this year they have ceased trading, I did email to find out about their beers, the website was a bit vague, however no replies and another brewery confirmed they had ceased trading, such a shame to see another brewery fall by the wayside. We had a barrel of "Sovereign" from Langton Brewery and a barrel of "Wot's Occuring from Great Oakley Brewery the Sovereign ran out on the Saturday, as did the Wot's Occuring, and without any hesitation Guy from Great Oakley dropped another barrel down on the Sunday and had prepared it "Bright" ready for serving, his customer service is exceptional, safe to say that all sold out on the Sunday too! We had plenty of bottles of beer, wine and cider on the boat so there was no fear of running out.

Helen was busy getting the Beer Boat ready for opening, Bottles getting chilled and the people were on there way, the weather was in our favour so looking forward to a good weekend.

We got so busy the camera never came out so this was about all we could salvage from the day, Helen was just finishing off some spare bunting on the fence and then the crowds came. Looking forward to next year and hoping the weather is just as good.

The Buckingham Canal Society organise and run the Cosgrove festival, please take a look at there website and see the wonderful work they are doing to restore the Buckingham Arm.

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