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Merchant Square Paddington Basin

Trading in London near the IWA Cavalcade at Little Venice

We couldn't get our boat booked in to the IWA Canalway Cavalcade this year as there were not any moorings available for the Beerboat!! I know its mad, its a boating event and we are a boat, and we sell BEER, WINE & CIDER!! come on IWA or CRT, help us out next time.

Anyway, as luck would have it, Merchant Square at Paddington had put the feelers out for traders who might be interested in a spot on their exclusive Pocket Park over the Easter I was in there like a shot, so was the worst weather I've ever seen at Easter, it rained & rained and the wind kept blowing till we left.

Fantastic location just bad luck on the weather.

Never mind, Merchant Square offered us a slot during the week the Cavalcade was on, so it wasn't all bad.

The sun kept on shining and the Pocket Park was full, there was also plenty of thirsty people, so just as well we had a full stock of Beer, Wine & Cider.

Sales were great even though we only had a few customers from the Cavalcade, the Pocket Park is coming in to its own as a place to visit, there is so much happening, get yourselves down there and check out all the activities, events, music food and lots more.

It was very windy on the day we left, however the security guys took our ropes and helped us turn around, the tall buildings create a massive funnel effect so it's a great experience for turning without Bow Thrusters. We had a great time in London visiting family & friends but we are now in Denham and probably won't be back to to London till next year possibly.

We are now preparing the boat for another festival, this time the Rickmansworth festival celebrating 25 years, looking forward to our first time there so we shall be back again to give you the highlights.

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