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Rickmansworth Festival 2018

The Beerboat arrives at Ricky for their 25th annual festival

Well, we arrived in good time at Rickmansworth and so did the the good weather, after a wet weekend at Easter the sun was shining at last and so was the brass.

Rickmansworth hold an annual waterside festival every year on the 3rd weekend in May and it gets bigger and bigger every year.

we had a fantastic mooring spot opposite the Tesco supermarket alongside the lake,

This year alongside our other wines we had a good selection of award winners from Haflpenny Green wine estate in particular these sparkling wines which were very popular with the crowds. Check out their website, fantastic place to visit anytime of the year.

We had a fantastic weekend at Rickmansworth and whethe a boater or visitor by car it's well worth a visit.

An early morning shot leaving rickmansworth at the top of Batchworth Lock here you will find the visitors centre where you can book a boat trip, education classes for schools and a great little cafe with plenty of seating right by the lock!

As we bid farewell to Rickmansworth our next planned event is at Cosgrove for the Buckingham Canal Society

The festival season is warming up and so is the weather!

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