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When in lockdown keep busy!

I was waiting for a suitable time, to make a wooden stand for this Klaxon horn Helen bought me some time ago. This was in fact a bare piece of scrap timber destined for the stove over winter, but as I looked at the cracks and twisty knots I kept it and now that suitable time arrived, "Lockdown"

In fact I didn't need to wait for lockdown because it only took a couple of hours to carve, sand and varnish. I'm making it sound like I can carve as well, but I don't, I shaped it up with a chainsaw and plane, then a belt sander, and finally an orbital sander followed by some old fashioned hand sanding, but not too much hand sanding, that would be too much work. Well until I can import the before and after photos check out our Instagram or Facebook page for more pics and a short video.


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